Are you thinking about new ways to decorate your house? Are you wondering how to bring a bit of tradition and classic feeling to your house? Well, here is the answer for everything that you have in your mind. Carpets are the answer to your doubts. A nice carpet is like an amazing outfit for a party. Carpets give you a complete and elegant look just like that of a good outfit in a party. No matter where the carpet is placed at, it completes the look and induces a touch of tradition. Thepurpose of carpet or rugs is not just to improve the looks, but more. There are also many other benefits of using carpets and rugs in your house and office. Let’s take a look into what all benefits will you get while using an amazing carpet.

1. Give life to the rooms

For every house, it is very important to provide a special touch of brightness to the living room. In most cases, the chance of living room looking dull and pale is more. Using a well-stitchedcarpet can make a great change.Indian carpets in the living room and hallways provides you with a visual treat, as well as a take back to history and tradition and also the modern designs, provides a feeling of luxury to your space. They also, make the corridor bright and provides warmth.

2. Provides a warm welcome to your guest

The beauty, ethnicity, tradition, luxury and comfort of carpet makes it the most suitable choice for your home. Carpets provide an atmosphere of grand welcome to your place by improving the cushioning, dampening noise and by providing a great atmosphere to concentrate and to listen. Moreover, modern carpets are environmental friendly as well as sustainable and haveanti-staining properties that will add to your value of money.

3. To absorb the loud noises as well as to protect your privacy

Carpets are amazing sound-absorbent materials. One of the main disadvantages to the houses with bare flooring is that it is very loud and everything happening in the house can be heard from outside, reducing your privacy inside your personal space. Carpets help you overcome this issue.

4. Improve your indoor climate with carpets

Have you ever searched for a way to improve your indoor climate at your place? If so, you should try using a carpet. You will see the amazing experience that you will receive. Carpets are one of the finest methods to maintain the indoor climate. The airborne dust particles in the room are retained as we use a carpet. Carpets trap these tiny dust particles between their fibres till the time of next vacuum cleaning and you can live without the fear of getting a respiratory problem.

5. Carpets are advocates of luxury

Laying carpet provides the user with a sense of luxury. The traditional patterns that advocate the culture as well as the modern printsshow your lifestyle and give you great comfo4t and the feel of great luxury.

6. A sustainable factor

Carpets are one of the best examples of sustainable elements in our living arena. Mainly carpets are manufactured based on the 3R which are Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. So the negative environmental impact of using a carpet at your personal space will contribute to the environment protection too.

How to make a space amazing with carpets and rugs?

Well, carpets can bring an ethnic touch to your place. Have you ever wondered how a place can creatively brighten up by using carpetsand rugs? Then here are some tips that you can follow using floor coverings as the best house decor methods.

1. Statement to your character

Carpets that you use can be a great judge of your character. If you want to show off your ideology through the home decor then the best option available is carpet and rugs. There is a wide range of carpets that are available in Indian Lifestory. Select the best one with the correct texture, weaving pattern as well the design.

2. Be creative on your purchase

We can be very much creative while we lay off the car keys or rugs in houses and offices. Lay a rug on other at an angle so that it will give a unique appearance. Also, try to avoid zoning of carpet in a small area. If you are having a very wide hall there is a chance that your furniture looks lost. So, in this case, using a carpet can help you differentiate the furniture places.

3. Provide a visual treat

There are some places in a house that will look pale and light-shaded all the time. Using a carpet in this area can inject colours to this place and make it aesthetically beautiful. Apart from providing a good visual appearance, it can also provide a warmth and comfort to the feet.

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Indian Carpets: A significant chain in making mesmerizing carpets.

Do you wonder how just a Carpet can flaunt your home décor and make your floorings eye-catchy?

While updating home décor, People nowadays are implementing themes to make their place look more royal and traditional. As Indians are blessed with multi-culture lifestyles getting vast choices in everything, the same is the case with Carpets, very talented Indian carpet weavers from different states of the country are designing carpets following their typical tradition making your floorings look breath-taking and beautiful. I know a lot of questions dig into your mind… why a traditional carpet? Which traditional carpet? Carpets of different threads? Will it be a big mess in cleaning? So, let's get in and here is the complete guide for you

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Select carpets in step with your preferred lifestyle:

Bring some RAJASTHANI touch in your House with its imperial history print carpets.

The ground of Rajasthan without a doubt is flourishing with its uniqueness, the Rajasthani craftsmanship and artworks industry never stop to astound us. Jaipur, Bikaner, and Ajmer are the major sub-spots of carpet making in Rajasthan. Floor coverings of Rajasthan are customarily notable for fine-quality hand-hitched woollen strands. The conspicuous structures found on Rajasthani floor coverings are rosettes, geometrical examples, long serrated leaves, enormous blossoms, paisley, and hybrid motifs. The traditional artwork made utilizing these themes is known as Charkona, Mehrab, and Shikar. Every one of these plans unmistakably speaks to the Indo-Herati, Indo-Kerman, and Indo-Persian motivational wellspring of fashioner Rajasthani floor coverings. The best option for people who love to explore the beauty of Rajasthan, bring these carpets in your house to get the same kinda feel.

Now, why a Rajasthani carpet?

Here are some added specialties:

  • Hand-knotted carpets with deep designing and clear patterns make the carpet more graceful and elegant.
  • Made of woollen, bless your feet with the warmth and softness of the wool.
  • Luxurious feel, the typical historical prints, and pattern on the carpets will make you fall in love with the royalism of Rajasthan culture.

TIP: Along with the carpets, use Rajasthani DURRIES made with cotton fabric for bedding, small corners of your space to enhance the beauty of your décor.

Picture courtesy: Yakcarpet, Dhgate

ROYAL KASHMIRI Rugs and Floorings.

The trendsetters of Royalty in Kashmir are favour o f Mughals since, in the early 15th century, the Mughals invited the Persian and Turkish craftworkers for the carpet art and the art of antique crafts began by our very own Kashmiri weavers. Kashmiri Silk floor coverings are rich and give an extravagant look to space. Fine quality and elite floor coverings are accessible to improve the inside structure of your space. Different styles and examples are high quality in homespun Kashmir silk carpets and rugs.

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Bring in the Royal carpet art, Silk thread is the definition of royalism- the mushy and soft silk give your feet a very soothing feel, so let in the beauty of Kashmir valley in your home and make your near and dear ask you again and again about your awful flooring choices.

Here are some highlighted features to why one should select Kashmiri Carpets:

  • 100% pure silk or wool thread is being used to make the Kashmiri carpets, i.e. there is no compromise with the Quality of carpets.
  • Mulberry silk is the most widely used for the making of carpets in Kashmir providing your feet the warm and soothing experience.
  • Royal Designing inspired by the Mughal culture of India that gives your décor a touch of pure royalism.

TIP: Use round silk mats in your pooja/worship room so that while chanting, you can feel the calmness.

Here is another extra tip to your shopping list, Don’t forget to buy Kashmiri shawl to the ladies of your home, adding more royalty and matchings with your house theme.


  • UP floor coverings have a remarkable example of structures as they are planned by local experts followed from ages.
  • They improve inventiveness by including the one of a kind structures enlivened by Taj mahal , thus giving it a typical illustrious Indian rug look.
  • Mirzapur, Bhadohi, and Agra are the principal towns which have prepared floor covering weavers to get masters in weaving perfect carpets and rugs. Bent cotton string is utilized alongside the Jute twine giving more mat look to the floor covering. Cotton and Woollen floor coverings are made in Shahjehanpur and Agra where weavers produce customary and new art remembering the market need request.
  • If you want a bright colour theme for your floor, then UP carpets are the perfect answer to you because Carpets in UP are known for their diverse Colour scheme and designs.
  • The sub-point- Agra is known for its Natural fruit and vegetable dye colour carpets.
  • Bring in the light of fresh and natural colours in your house as it is an all-rounder choice and liked by everyone especially kids.
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Here are some trademarks to UP carpets:

Just imagine the combination of bright colours and matt finishing threads on your floors, the awful feeling for your feet, and to the décor of your house also.

TIP: Try to use the matt finishing floorings to your stairs and living area, because its easy to clean matt thread so that the larger portion can easily be maintained and the combination of bright colour will highlight that area leaving the sparkle of the different colour schema.


Don’t you like the touch of artistic glory to beautify your space? Be it home or your workspace, the right choice of art can make it look like a royal palace. Home décor is easily available in different forms nowadays and selecting the right one is a difficult task. One commonly made mistakeis over decoration. People try to fill their space with a lot of stuff and wipe out all the free space. This will only make the place look like a mess

There is one another category of people who plans of doing minimalistic décor but ends up doing zero furnishings. If you belong to either of the categories or you are a home décor enthusiast, has a stylish, affordable, and customizable idea for you. CARPETS!!!

Don’t be so quick to judge. Carpets can do wonders for the space you are having if you know the trick. From multi-storied mansions to 1BHK apartments every home deserves to be beautifully kept. Anyone who steps into your place should feel welcoming. A beautifully woven carpet in the living room will be the perfect choice to create that feel. They are available in all shapes, colors, and designs. And that too in affordable price. has everything that you are looking for at a very lesser price than all the fancy items you buy to decorate your space.

Top five ideas from to put on carpets in the most attractive way:

1. Living room

If you are looking for a warm and welcoming look, a woolen carpet will be a perfect choice. The living room is the first place that you see when you come back to your home after a long day at the office. You can’t deny the fact that your guest gets a glimpse of you from your living room interior. The first and foremost thing one should consider before purchasing a carpet is alignment. The carpet should be in perfect alignment with the rest of the interiors. The color should be either same as that of the walls or it should be in contrast with the walls. That is purely based on your idea about perfect living space. If you are going for the color coordination, then look for the least present color in your living space and choose a carpet of that color. It gives an even color balance. This will give the room a classy and warm look.

But this look won’t be that eye-pleasing to all of us. If you are more of a colorful person who is ready to experiment with some ‘not-so-common’ color combinations, go for color contrast. Pick a color that does not belong to the color group of your wall paint and buy carpet of that particular shade. A Carpet of pink shade will go along with a blue or green painted house. But this is solely a personal choice. You can be the interior designer of your space and if you are happy with how your walls and carpet present themselves, then it is fine. Always keep in mind that your comfort is your priority.

2. Bedroom

Wool is the best choice of material for floor carpets in Bedrooms. Bedrooms are your personal space where you can be truly you. And it has become a common trend to keep bedroom floors warm with furry carpets. It gives the room a cool look and will also keep your feet warm. This is one good place to prove your creativity and self-love. Buy yourself a cozy and furry carpet to warm your feet on winter mornings and to roll on to on a lazy Wednesday evening when your bed is piled with clothes and books. It will be your pet’s favorite space to lay on and have fun, or a soft cushion to sit on and have chips with your best friend on weekends. This will be an all-rounder which can cover all your bedroom needs and it will also give a pleasant look to your space. Always try to use warm-colored simple geometric printed carpets for your bedroom. You don’t want to wake up to an intrinsic print in a dull color every morning. Do good research about the carpets and find the perfect one for your bedroom so that you would always be happy about your choice.

A good bedroom carpet will make your mornings pleasant and your evenings warm. So, make sure you bought the right one. Always go for a cotton carpet or a woolen carpet for your bedroom for the perfect comfy look and feel. And remind yourself to dust the carpets at least once in a week. Because so much dust accumulation in carpets causes health problems. But don’t worry, with a vacuum cleaner it is just a five-minute task.

3. Stairs

You might be surprised to read this, but it is true. If you have a staircase at your place don’t hesitate to adorn it with beautiful carpets. This will make your ordinary staircase look like that of a palace’s. As it is a staircase always buy a carpet that will have a strong grip. Cotton is the perfect material for such carpets. Also, make sure that it won’t be worn out or ripped easily. For the staircase, you can always go for an exotic floral print intricate designs. From royal blue to maroon you can choose any color you want. But it would be good if you avoid light shades as they will get dirty easily. As it will be bigger it won’t be easy to clean frequently. Keep all these things in mind before choosing a carpet for your stairs. But don’t hesitate to buy one if you have stairs because it’s a chance to exhibit your taste for art.

4. Hallway

This is another area where you can lay long neat carpets adorned in traditional art. Here also you can opt for any color or design of your choice. Hallways will look more beautiful it is paved with bright colored carpets. As it will be a narrow space the color of the carpet will reflect on the walls too. And the entire area becomes a hue of your carpet so choose the color wisely. Intrinsic and traditional prints that do not leave so much space on the carpet will give the hallways a busy look, which is very perfect. It is better not to over decorate your hallways, if you already have a carpet laid on. Always take special care in maintaining the carpet. Carpets in hallways are more likely to get dirty than the ones at other places. So, make sure that you dust your carpet frequently.

5. Balcony

This will be another perfect place to lay a warm furry carpet so you can spend your lonely evenings sipping hot tea while sitting on this carpet enjoying the outside view. Here you can keep a small bookshelf or a small stool and can place some idols or hang a colorful dream catcher. Add on all the accessories that you want to make it your happy place. You can create a photo corner in there if you want. This is the portion where you can experiment the most. Buy a comfortable and soft carpet for this portion as this might turn out to be your favorite place in your house soon.

Carpets are not confined to just these areas of the house alone. It can be laid on any portion of your house and your house will look exquisite. You can even use it as a wall hanger. A beautiful silk carpet with a royal Mughal print will turn out as a great wall hanging for your living room. Buying carpet is a win-win situation, wherever you lay it, that area is going to look luxurious. It is a good piece of art worth gifting. Buy your friends or loved ones an exquisite piece of art and let their place also look pleasant. And there is one great benefit of buying a carpet that was not mentioned earlier, cleaning benefits. You don’t have to sweep the room every day if you have carpet there. Dusting it once in a while will be enough. So while looking for a home décor next time pick a carpet first. And always opt for Indian Carpets as they are the excellent portrayal of art embedded in quality. Indian carpets are real works of art knitted by experts and the tradition of Indian Carpets can be traced from olden Prussian style carpets. has a wide variety of carpet collection. So, what are you waiting for? Go and get yours now. Go!!!